What are friends? I now know for sure

Friends are likely, no are, the most valuable, cherished, amazing people? Experience? Resource? Is there a word that defines a valuable, cherished, amazing [blank] who enriches experiences and is a resource in teaching you about you?

Is there a word for that? I can name people in my life who fit such a description but I can’t find a word to sum up the whole description.

I have about one handful of true friends. Friends who have slapped me over the head when they learned I did something asinine. I have friends who have brought me McDonalds milkshakes and French fries for dipping at 2 am just because I was feeling down. I have friends who have driven 400 miles just to say, “I miss you, how are you?” and give the much needed hug.

Overall, I’m a very social creature. I hug everyone. Kiss people hello on the cheek, muah, muah. Flirt without shame. But when it comes to true friends I’m extremely picky. I only shed myself for the most valuable, cherished, amazing people.

To the people I truly love, to the people I truly show myself to and still accept me for who I am, to the people I know will love me no matter what I just wanted to say thank you for being my friend. Really. You could choose anyone in the world to call “best friend”, and you pick me. Me. I don’t know what is wrong with you, but you pick me.

I love you though.

I do.

Just thought you might like to know.

Friends. What can I say about friends?

I can say friends are the most valuable, cherished, amazing [insert definition here] which could ever exist. Below is Webster’s dictionary definition of “friend”. Personally, I like number seven.


  1. apersonattachedtoanotherbyfeelingsofaffectionorpersonalregard
  2. apersonwhogivesassistance;patron;supporter
  3. apersonwhoisongoodtermswithanother;apersonwhoisnothostile
  4. amemberofthesamenation,party,etc.
  5. (initialcapitalletter) amemberoftheReligiousSocietyofFriends;aQuaker
  6. apersonassociatedwithanotherasacontactonasocial-networkingwebsite
  7. Rare.tobefriend.
  8. toadd(aperson)toone’slistofcontactsonasocial-networkingwebsite

9.make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to


Perhaps this works:

Friends are the most valuable, cherished, amazing rarity which could ever exist.


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